I was a beautician for many  years and for health reasons had to change my way of living and working. Having a genetic problem, I had to fight to find a normal life , a new activity, a new sens in my life.

Since my youg age i have always painted eigther on silk, or canvas or paper, and always reading many books of history.   Medieval time was from all the others my faverate periode and i naturally came to learn how to paint and illuminate vallum with gold , silver and all those marvoulous colours. So i learned how to prepare the skin, my pigments with stones, earth, plants from different countries of the world.

My both nationalities, French and English gave me the passion and love of that special Art .  Both cultures also gave me the thirst of Learning more and more, and now i am trying to show you and transmit you  all that love and passion . Born in Africa probably gave me the  stubborness and my love of mother nature.

I learned everything on my own, and it gives  now the strengh to carry on living a normal life.

One must be humble in frount of that ancient  knoledge, and i would like to share it with you hopping that you will appreciate my work , and that art so delicate.

Do not hesitate to contact me for any questions , or if you wish to do a special gift  to a friend or familly. Yours ideas are always  wellcome , and i will try do to my best for you and create your illuminated parchement.

My wish now is to give you the best of myself and perhaps make you discover something new and precious.

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